Open Letter To The Victorian Minister For Planning, And To All Local Politicians

We the undersigned want to express our deepest concerns regarding the Victorian Government Planning Authority’s plans for Preston Market site which allow for 80% of the market to be demolished and replaced with 2,200 apartments and buildings as high as 20 storeys.

If this plan goes ahead the Preston Market that we know and love will cease to exist.

Preston Market has been the heart and soul of the northern suburbs, and the centre of community life since it opened in 1970. It has tens of thousands of visitors each week, and a recent heritage report commissioned by Darebin Council confirmed that Preston Market is of local heritage significance, second only to Victoria Market, and worthy of protection from overdevelopment.

It is the largest market in the northern suburbs, and is known for its open-air atmosphere, cultural mix of people, good prices for fresh produce and a unique shopping experience compared to supermarkets or shopping centres.

To many it comes as a surprise that Preston Market, ‘the market of the people’, is privately owned by two big developers. If the Victorian Government and the VPA proceed with their current plans the developers stand to make huge profits at the expense of the community, stall holders, and loyal shoppers, who come from across Melbourne to experience our beloved market.

We, the community of Preston and its surrounding suburbs, are seeking the support of all local state and federal politicians in calling on the State government to immediately scrap the proposed plans that will allow the market to be demolished, and work with the Darebin Council to compulsorily acquire the Preston Market site and put it in public hands to ensure the market is preserved and maintained now and into the future.

The iconic Preston Market is the heartbeat of our community and must be put in public hands to protect it from overdevelopment for the sake of the community, stall holders, and future generations.



  • Save the Preston Market Action Group
  • Newlands Community House
  • Darebin Appropriate Development Association
  • Darebin Ethnic Communities Council
  • NOMIT (Italian Network of Melbourne)
  • SoundFood
  • Victorian Socialists
  • Darebin Progress Association
  • Socialist Alliance
  • Boho Spirit
  • Whistle-blowers, Activists and Communities Alliance (WACA)
  • Darebin Energy and Sustainability Institute
  • House Wife’s Choice Sound System
  • Adrian’s Wall Sound System
  • Murundaka Co-Housing Community
  • The Latrobe Casuals Network
  • Bower Bird Theatre
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • System Unknown Sound
  • Radical Women
  • Multicultural Greens Victoria
  • Melbourne Free University
  • Redgum Cleaning Cooperative

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