Preston Market is under threat from demolition under a new plan proposed by the state government. The Victoria Planning Authority’s (VPA) plan will allow for 80% of the market to be bulldozed.

This will permit the developers, SALTA and Meditch, (who own the Preston Market) to build massive 20 storey high-rise towers, containing over 2200 apartments. Their $1billion profit making plans will destroy the market as we know it.  To aid the developers the VPA has “fast-tracked” the development, providing only token community consultation and prioritizing development profits over the needs of the community and market goers.

Preston Market is the heart and soul of Darebin and for over 50 years it has served countless generations of migrant families and working-class people. Some traders have been here since the early seventies, just after the market opened.

Their $1 billion profit making plans will destroy the market as we know it.

People come from all over Melbourne to get affordable high-quality produce. There is no other market like this in the whole northern area. If it were destroyed our community would lose something irreplaceable.

Preston Market is a unique and special place. There are few places in the world where you can see so many people from so many cultures being together, sharing food, and forming such a beautiful community.

We therefore demand that the Victorian State Government and Darebin Council act in the interests of our community and compulsorily buy back the land to ensure that the market is preserved as it is for future generations.  We are calling on the community to join us and SAVE THE PRESTON MARKET!

Find out more about how you can help save the market here.